Martin Stegner
Julia Gartemann
Martin von der Nahmer
Joaquín Riquelme

The musicians of the ensemble, Martin Stegner, Julia Gartemann, Martin von der Nahmer and Joaquin Riquelme, are violists of the Berliner Philharmoniker, who have combined the common love for tango. On a whim, they decided to perform their own tangos at the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden in 2014. The great success encouraged them to continue. Violen? Violent? Tango? Violentango! Violentango is a name that suggests an explosive mixture: violent, violas, tango. This quartet presents something of everything.

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Dark, warm, pasty – the sound of the violas is predestined to sound the swinging, jazz rhythms of George Gershwin in a new and effective way, or to explore the subversive, bizarre and abysmal sides of new Tango, the modern form of Argentine tango, with which Astor Piazolla has revolutionized the Argentine nationality, which has slipped into the sentimental and conventional. But Violentango offers even more: a mixture of tango, classicism and improvisation, performed by four individualists on the viola.

Violentango has been presented in concert halls such as the Philharmonie Berlin and festivals such as Osterfestspielen in Baden Baden. Berliner Philharmoniker is one of the most important orchestras in the world. Apart of the evident quality of the symphonic repertoire, the orchestra promote the creation of ensembles (actually more than 30) between the orchestra musicians.

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